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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) refer to a range of problems such as high distractability, short attention span, specific learning difficulties, poor behaviour. These may include impulsiveness, restlessness and hyperactivity, as well as inattentiveness, and often prevent children from learning and socialising well, causing them to become very frustrated.

The mind is permanently active and tends to flit from subject to subject, often resulting in the inablility to think things through…whether this be a work or school project, or making decisions on a relationship.

The real problem is the inability of the mind to slow down and focus: to take time to sort through the flood of information racing around the brain and begin to make decisions as to how to deal with it.

Hypnosis is probably the best way to slow down the mind and teach it how to relax. In addition, hypnosis can help the individual deal with emotions such as anger and lack of self esteem, that arise from being different and misunderstood.

Mark will take his client through an exploratory NLP exercise which allows him/her to focus and think about their relationship to ADHD from different perspectives. This allows Mark to put together a totally tailor-made session, which he records onto a CD, giving the client the opportunity to listen regularly. Regular embedding of the messages will help the mind slow down on a permanent basis.