Alcohol Dependency

There comes a time when a little voice inside tells you that “Actually, there’s a slight possibility that I might just be drinking that little bit too much. Of course it’s not a regular thing…but actually when I think about it… I can’t remember the last time a day passed when I didn’t have a drink?” Sound familiar?!

Alcohol dependency has a stigma attached to it which unfortunately just drives the sufferer even further underground, reinforces the desire to just pretend it’s not happening until subterfuge and deceit set in and become the norm.

The reasons given for drinking are probably about as diverse as the types of alcoholic drinks available, from a knee-jerk reaction to a personal crisis, to a gentle slide into a habit for coping with everyday life. What matters is not why it started or how long it’s been going on but having the desire to take back control of your own life and not be tied to a bottle.

Hypnosis combined with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can effectively remove your dependency on alcohol and give you your life back. You probably already appreciate that there is no conscious reason why you drink too much, as it doesn’t actually help you run your life. The unconscious mind, however, is the part of the mind that’s responsible for all your emotions, and habits, your imagination and beliefs. Excess drinking might have started for one reason and then just continued as a habit. There might have an emotional link or there might have been the belief that “I need a drink to be sociable”. Using hypnosis we can remove the habit, the negative association or the belief, and so change the way we feel about life, freeing us up to be the person we want to be.