A pushy driver cuts you up at the lights….Your boss takes credit for your ideas. …. You get left out of the loop on an important decision ….You call your credit card company, enter a sixteen-digit account number and your mother’s maiden name, ratchet through four menus and hear, “All service representatives are busy…”

The more complicated your life gets — the more people you interact with on a daily basis — the more incidents occur that can irritate, annoy, provoke, incense, madden, infuriate, and enrage. Anger and all its relatives are permanent occupants of your emotional toolbox.

Anger itself isn’t the problem – it’s how it manifests itself …and how you keep it in control.

Anger is in fact a completely normal, healthy emotionthat is until it gets out of control and turns destructive, leading to problems at work, at home and affects your quality of life. Domestic abuse, road rage, workplace violence and addictions are just a few of the examples of what happens when anger takes over and rules our world.

Repressing anger – keeping it bottled up inside – can cause headaches, back pain nausea and other symptoms. Conversely ‘letting it all out’ isn’t good for you either as acting on anger can make you angrier, each angry outburst prolonging and deepening the stress. Not knowing how to stop anger causes it to grow, intensify and spread to anyone or anything that gets in our way.

“Anger makes your mouth work faster than your mind”

Thankfully there is a solution, you can break free and regain control. Here at Winningminds’ we help you identify and address the nature and cause of the anger, helping you take back control and live the life that’s right for you.

Our advanced relaxation therapies will effectively reduce current levels of agitation and tension whilst powerful behavioural change therapies will identify new and appropriate methods of responding.

You can’t eliminate anger totally from your life (we all need a little rain sometime!) but you can control the way you respond to life’s events and ultimately how you feel.

How different would your life be I wonder, if you and not your anger were in the driving seat?