It is devastating when we lose a loved one; people always say “time will heal” and for many people it does. Some people though are still in pain a long time after their relative or friend has passed on; for some this can be years later. They have been unable to come to terms with their loved one passing and the grief is ruining their life.

People suffering grief always know that they need to move on and try telling themselves to let go, but they also know that that doesn’t work.

Our emotions are stored in the unconscious part of our mind; if we were consciously in control of our emotions, everyone would be idyllically happy: why would we choose to be anything else?

So to deal with grief, say goodbye to our loved one and move on with our life, we need to make the necessary changes at an unconscious level. This can only be achieved with NLP or Hypnosis.

Incidentally, when we say goodbye, we mean saying goodbye from the head: we can always keep loved ones in our heart…even when they’ve passed on.