Cancer manifests itself not just as a breakdown of the immune system, but also as a fierce internal battle, as you try your hardest to beat the mental demons that keep you company every day. Life-threatening illnesses produce all sorts of negative emotions, but principally fear…fear of dying, fear of leaving one’s family etc.

womanThe most useful piece of advice that your doctor can give you, other than dramatically changing your diet to maximise the strength of the immune system, is to keep a positive mindset. Unfortunately, he or she can’t normally give you any useful ways of doing this.

The new science of Psychoneuroimmunology outlines just why a positive mindset is crucial in this situation; in fact, it can literally be the difference between life and death. The reason is, that whilst traditional scientific views locate all intelligence in the brain, it is now recognised that there are intelligent cells throughout our bodies. The implications of this are huge: if you accept the prognosis that you have 6 months to live and become depressed, your immune system will receive this message and the cancer-fighting cells will give up and go home! It is not at all uncommon to hear of people dying more or less exactly “on-time”. The Unconscious Mind takes it literally as a death sentence.

cancer womanThose who beat cancer, and increasing numbers are doing it without chemotherapy, do it with a positive mindset. N.B. Any private therapy must be undertaken with the full involvement of your doctor. In no way, does Winning Minds recommend foregoing chemotherapy treatment.

Winning Minds specialises in helping people overcome negative emotions and helps them install new positive programming to ensure a happier, more fulfilling life. Nowhere is this more important than when someone is suffering from cancer.

Over 3 sessions, Winning Minds will help a client change their “baseline state” of anxiety and fear to one of calmness and determination. We use Behavioural Kinesiology and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) to remove the fear and anxiety and then use hypnotherapy to install a new positive mindset. We also send the client away from the first session with very simple tools, taken from NLP and Breathwork to help them manage their state of mind at any time and within seconds.