Winning Minds helps many children with primarily emotional issues: exam nerves, self esteem/self confidence, anger, depression, stress and motivation. We also help with typical childhood habits like nail-biting and bed-wetting.

In fact, kids make great clients for Hypnotherapy and NLP(Neuro-linguistic Programming), as they have wonderfully powerful imaginations and find the visualisation and metaphor exercises much easier than adults.

Childhood is the perfect time to deal with negative programming, before it sets in and becomes the norm. A child without negative emotional or habitual programming has every chance of fulfilling their potential and creating a perfect, happy life for themselves.

mum and kidsParents are very welcome to sit in on the consultation and on the NLP exercises. Normally, the parents would be asked to sit next door for the hypnotherapy, as Mark will have built up a trusting relationship with them by then. If, despite this, the parent wishes to sit in, that’s fine, but he or she will create a distraction that makes the process more difficult. Permission is always sought from the child for the parent to step out of the room. As will be explained in the consultation, the client (in this instance a child) is always in control and in charge!

Incidentally Mark has his own children: 3 wonderful daughters aged 18, 16 and 11; so he is perfectly used to “working with” youngsters and teenagers alike.

If you would like to speak to Mark personally first, please feel free to ring in; he may need to ring you back in the evening, as his days tend to be taken up with clients.