Bulimia Treatment

Bulimia Nervosa – At Last a Treatment that Works

  • Thousands of bulimia sufferers go undiagnosed every year because they tend to be a normal weight.
  • The cruelty of this disorder is that, unlike anorexia, you’d never know the signs unless you were looking for them. The reality is that bulimia is just as miserable for the sufferer and potentially just as life threatening.
  • Bulimia puts a massive strain on your heart, causing palpitations and even heart failure.
  • Bulimia strips away your tooth enamel, meaning your teeth can crumble from the inside out.
  • Bulimia can cause hair loss, dull complexion, swollen glands and constant flu like symptoms.
  • Sufferers can end up with holes in their stomach lining, esophagus or the insides of their mouths.

All the while, bulimics suffer in silence, trying in every way possible to hide their “dirty secret”.

  • For most bulimics the emotional and psychological symptoms are worse than the physical.
  • Bulimics tend to be moody, withdrawn, depressed, exhausted and unable to think about anything other than their next binge and how it will be purged.
  • Bulimics often financially cripple themselves, spending hundreds or sometimes even thousands of pounds on food and laxatives.

If you are bulimic, every day you might promise yourself that this will be the day you will stop punishing your mind and body with your destructive behaviour and every day you might find yourself giving in to a force which seems as though it is bigger and more powerful than you.

You might have reconciled yourself to the idea that you will feel this way forever.

But there is a way to rid yourself of bulimia quickly, effectively and permanently.
  • Winning Minds uses a powerful and pioneering “neural recoding” technique which allows you to conquer your issue.

You may find  the Understanding Eating Disorders CD useful.This is a 1.5 hour recording of an interview between Mark and Natasha in which they outline what Eating Disorders really are, the common sources for them, why traditional modern medicine approaches won’t work and how and why Neural Recoding does work.

This CD is ideal for ED sufferers who are frustrated by the current medical approach and can’t see a way out; for parents whose children have ED’s to give them an understanding of what their child is going through; for ex-sufferers who have beaten the behaviour, but who still have extreme anxiety around food.


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