Cosmopolitan Love Your Body Campaign

Cosmo have been running a “Love Your Body Campaign” proving once again that they are streets ahead of other women’s glossies when it comes to enlightened thought eschewing body fascism.

This is what Cosmo had to say:

Cosmopolitan’s “Love Your Body” campaign was launched in the May 2008 issue. In its infamous style – frank, honest, intimate and informative, the magazine stripped bare all the issues women have with body confidence and encouraged women across the country to love who they are.

The campaign kicked off with an eye-catching front cover – Mischa Barton naked. Having been subjected to endless “too fat”, “too thin” headlines, she was the perfect star to discuss how she really feels about her body.

Throughout the summer months Cosmopolitan has consistently reminded women to love their bodies and look after what they’ve got through features including:

* The secrets of body confidence

*”Overweight, Underpaid and Under Attack” – an investigation into whether larger woman are discriminated against because of their size

*An interview with Mia Tyler (Liv Tyler’s sister) who is a size 16 and proud

* Six readers from size 6-20 stripped naked and their views on what they see in the mirror every day

The campaign ends with the November issue, which features real women and celebrities sporting Cosmopolitan’s Your Body Rocks T-shirt, celebrating the fact that women are a wonderful mix of body shapes and sizes. Something all women need to do.

Tasha says: “Hurrah!”.

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