Negative Body Image Treatment

Negative Body Image/Body Dysmorphic Disorder – At Last A Treatment That Works

Unfortunately, it is a symptom of our times that there doesn’t seem to be one woman out there who is completely happy with how she looks.

Sometimes, this dissatisfaction can become more sinister. It can lead to an obsession with one or several parts of the body and that these parts are ugly.  This in turn leads to a distorted self image.

This is sometimes called Body Dysmorphic Disorder and it effects both men and women.

Negative body image often goes hand in hand with an eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia.

You might be suffering from Negative Body Image if you:

  • Feel the need to “hide” your perceived defect by wearing heavy makeup or clothing.
  • Repeatedly look in the mirror.
  • Frequently seek assurance about your appearance from those around you.
  • Experience high anxiety around others.
  • Constantly touch, measure or pick at the area of your body you perceive to be “deformed”.
  • Diet and exercise to the extreme.

Negative Body Image relates to false beliefs adopted by our unconscious mind and can leave the sufferer feeling miserable and lonely.

But there IS a way you can rid yourself of these false beliefs quickly, effectively and permanently and learn to love your body.

Winning Minds uses a pioneering and powerful neural recoding technique to allow you to conquer your demons and enjoy being happy and healthy.

You may find this Understanding Eating Disorders CD useful. This is a 1.5 hour recording of an interview between Mark and Natasha in which they outline what Eating Disorders really are, the common sources for them, why traditional modern medicine approaches won’t work and how and why Neural Recoding does work.

This CD is ideal for ED sufferers who are frustrated by the current medical approach and can’t see a way out; for parents whose children have ED’s to give them an understanding of what their child is going through; for ex-sufferers who have beaten the behaviour, but who still have extreme anxiety around food.


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