Fears and Phobias

If you are reading this section then the chances are there’s something in your life holding you back from being the person you want to be.

Fears, phobias and emotional disorders can wreck havoc with our lives, often becoming so all-consuming that they literally take over, not just limit our lifestyle. Furthermore, the emotions caused by these experiences or feelings can take on real physical symptoms: dizziness, difficulty in breathing, headaches etc.

The good news is that hypnosis combined with NLP can help you overcome these issues and literally change your life, freeing you to live the life you so want to lead.

Fears and Phobias
Fears tend to be event – or experience-specific, often originating from specific past experiences (such as being stung on the face by a wasp) or indeed unknowingly inherited as a child. The list of things people can become irrationally scared of is endless: snakes, spiders, heights, water, public speaking, exams… Even birds or butterflies! Phobias on the other hand tend to be environment-related, such as a fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) or open spaces (agoraphobia).

In both cases, the sufferer knows that these negative emotions are irrational and generally totally out of proportion to the matter concerned. But that doesn’t mean they are any the less real; they are very well aware of the physical symptoms they suffer and the limitations that are placed on their lives.

Again, particular emotions can take on irrational levels of intensity: stress, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence or motivation, poor concentration or memory – the list goes on. And on. These destructive emotions can surface in the form of restricting conditions such as insomnia or buried in addictions such as alcoholism, substance abuse or compulsive behaviour disorders. All of these negative emotions when seemingly out of control can ruin our lives.

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Fears and phobias, negative emotions and addictive behaviours all have one thing in common: they have the ability to take over our lives.

What actually happens is that when the ‘trigger’ is fired – eg a wasp flies by – the Unconscious Mind automatically recalls the emotions and feelings generated in the past incident experienced by the younger you; you literally re-live that first horrific experience, all over again. The programming in the unconscious mind is that ‘wasps are bad’ and therefore in order to protect you it reminds you just how bad they are (by re-running the horror programme) every time a wasp comes near you.

The real problem is that all of these “conditions” are governed by the Unconscious Mind and are therefore completely out of reach. If we were consciously in control, we’d simply rationally tell ourselves not to be afraid of spiders (they can’t hurt us!) or open spaces (which can’t hurt us either!) or not to be stressed or depressed, and everything would simply change. You can be as rational as you like about these conditions but it won’t change the Unconscious Programming – or the way that you feel.

Only Hypnotherapy and NLP can provide fast and permanent solutions by re-programming and recalibrating the Unconscious Mind. Drugs simply dull the emotions and, in the case of anti-depressants, dull all the positive, happy emotions too. They just act as a temporary elastoplast, covering up the emotions, not removing them.

Here at Winningminds’ we can effectively remove these unhelpful emotions for good. The spiral of destructive addictions can be broken, negative beliefs can be changed and fears and phobias can be removed. What matters in all cases is not the origins or the nature of the issues – what matters is the desire to move on, to become free, as hypnosis can only help you achieve what you want to achieve.

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