Self Esteem

Most of us tend to confuse self confidence and self esteem; they are not the same thing. Confidence is a question of believing in what you’re good at and with practise you can improve your abilities in almost anything. Self esteem is something altogether different…it is an emotion about how we think of ourselves.

Lack of self esteem can come from many sources: behaviour we’ve modelled from our parents, who were timid themselves or messages we’ve heard continuously about how we’re not good enough; it may have come from an overbearing teacher or bullying in the playground. And that little voice always seems to be there reminding us how useless we are.

The point is that we weren’t born with low self-esteem, it’s programming we’ve taken on board…and it’s faulty programming; it leads to feeling sad, low or even depressed. You will already have gathered that this programming is not run from your Conscious Mind; otherwise you’d have dealt with it by telling yourself not to be so silly! Emotions, habits and beliefs are run from your Unconscious Mind and that’s why Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can help you easily and comfortably change the way you feel about yourself and allow you to lead the life that, underneath it all, you know you are capable of.