Self Harm

Self harm has been presented in the media as a relatively new phenomenon, with recent celebrities even making it “trendy”. The truth is that self harmers can be of any age and background and some have been silently suffering for many years.

Self harm can take a number of different guises – You might cut or burn yourself or you may even ingest poisonous substances. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are in many ways a form of self harm. The bottom line is that self harm is a way of externalizing inner turmoil and expressing inner pain in a tangible way. You might self harm to punish yourself for painful memories you are unable to let go of, or to feel a sense of control in a turbulent and uncertain World.

Like any form of destructive behaviour, self harm can become programming in the unconscious brain, meaning that when the time comes that you feel you want to STOP you find yourself unable to, compelled to hurt yourself for reasons you do not understand.

If you are self harming, you probably feel very lonely, you might be ashamed of your behaviour and not know where to turn.

Mark Newey’s unique “neural recoding” technique will help you to directly access your unconscious and conquer the negative emotions and bad programming associated with self harm permanently, quickly and effectively. It will allow you to stop blaming yourself for circumstances outside your control, to unlock feelings of self worth and liberate you from your destructive behaviour.

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