Weight Management

Diets don’t work! If they did surely there’d be only one or two, not the countless millions that are on the market today. Those of you trapped in that seemingly endless yo-yo cycle of starvation, losing the weight and then putting it all straight back on again, know exactly what we mean.

There are very sound psychological and physiological reasons why diets don’t work. What is worse, every time you diet, you stack the dice further and further against yourself. Click here to find out why.

Dieting makes us think of food as ‘the enemy’ – when that’s what gives us life! One of the main problems is that we simply don’t listen to what our bodies are telling us. How many times have you carried on eating even though your stomach has told you you’re full? We all do it… And then get that bloated feeling. Is it really because each mouthful is so overwhelmingly wonderful, so very different from the last. Or is it just habit, having been brought up to clear our plates… ‘thinking of all those starving children in the world?’

Many of us also eat for emotional reasons; when we’re feeling down, we comfort ourselves with food, eating when we’re not even hungry. In fact, how many of us eat only from hunger?

The problem of being overweight is not in the body; it’s in the Mind. The reason that dieters don’t succeed is that they don’t listen to what their body is saying to them – that it’s full, it’s had enough. They don’t address the emotional or habitual reasons underlying their negative eating habits. So they just set themselves up for yet another round of misery, admonishing themselves with negative messages such as… “I don’t have the willpower!” “I’m such a failure!”… As if that really helps!

Here at Winningminds’ we address those emotional and habitual reasons which are holding you back from becoming the person you want to be – that thinner, happier, healthier person that is currently cocooned by layers of fat. Here at Winningminds’ we help you make massive changes to the way you think about food and most importantly, how you think and feel about yourself.

During a lengthy consultation, we:

  • Explain exactly why diets don’t work.
  • Explore your eating habits: why, when and where you overeat.
  • Explore your lifestyle.
  • Investigate your emotional relationship with food.
  • Agree with you on the areas which we need to work on over the programme.
  • Explain how we can help you to easily make the positive lifestyle and attitude adjustments required for you to easily and naturally lose the weight you want to and permanently keep it off.

These changes are made overĀ 2 sessions. The first appointment includes the detailed consultation, so that we can firmly tailor the sessions to you personally for maximum effectiveness.

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