November 11, 2009

“Shedding The Identity” – A Pioneering Workshop for Ex ED Sufferers endorsed by B-eat

Shedding the Identity – A Workshop for Eating Disorder Sufferers “in Recovery”

As we go through the recovery process, eating disorder sufferers are told that, whilst our destructive behaviour (the bingeing, purging and starving) may cease and to the outside World we may appear “normal” once more, inside we will always feel the emotions associated with our disorder.

We are told that our issue is something we must live with forever and that acceptance of this is part of recovery. We are told that we must take each day at a time and that there will always be struggle and inner turmoil.

The truth is it does not have to be this way. Anorexia, bulimia or compulsive eating is not your identity and does not have to remain a part of you. You can shake off its shackles, reclaim yourself and enjoy being free.

You can get on with your life.

At Winning Minds we use a unique “neural recoding” technique which combines NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming), coaching and hypnosis to remove “bad programming” from the powerful unconscious mind and allow our clients to conquer their demons. We specialize in eating disorders and are dedicated to allowing our clients to liberate themselves and reclaim their lives.

Ex-sufferers are often overlooked. It is assumed because the behaviour has stopped the emotions will have too. This means there are thousands of people in UK who have been left with issues surrounding food and negative body image who are struggling without the support they need and deserve.

Our powerful and unique one day workshop will allow you to permanently vanquish your eating disorder and everything associated with it.

It will allow you to silence the voice that tells you that you will never be good enough and that you might relapse at any moment.

The workshop, conducted by leading NLP, coaching and hypnosis practitioner Mark Newey with an introduction by ex-sufferer and body confidence campaigner Natasha Devon, will include a free self-hypnosis CD tailored to your issue, worth £49.95.

This workshop is supported and endorsed by B-eat, the UK’s leading eating disorders charity.

For forthcoming dates and venue details, email or call the number below.

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