Mind Chatter and the Mindfulness Revolution (Mark)

The vast majority of most people’s thinking is automated, repetitive and unconscious; it’s pure mental static in the background of our lives and serves no positive purpose. It’s the voice in the head. It’s Mind Chatter which leads inevitably to anxiety.

The Voice has, for almost everybody, developed a life of its own and we are at its mercy 18+ hours a day. Most of us live our lives in our head; we are literally possessed by the Voice, which, because the Unconscious is so conditioned by experiences and programmes from the past, means that we have to re-enact our past again and again.

But most of us don’t know that we have become the Voice; if we did realise, we would no longer be possessed. You are only” possessed by the devil” for example, when you mistake the possessing entity for who you really are.

For thousands of years mankind has been increasingly possessed by the Mind, failing to understand that the Voice is not us…it’s not who we are…it’s a random group of negative thinking patterns going round and round on autopilot. So by unconsciously listening and obeying the Voice, we have moved away from real ourselves. With the increasing speed of change and mental stimulation of modern life, the Voice has got more demanding, producing more anxiety.

So if we have moved away from our true selves, we can’t relax or feel comfortable in any situation or with any person…including our real selves! The Voice is always trying to get us somewhere…but it seems to be a journey without a destination.

The real problem is that the Unconscious Mind does not know the difference between reality and something you are imagining. Whilst that sounds most bizarre, the Conscious Mind knows perfectly well the difference: the Unconscious merely works on a different plane.

The body has its own intelligence: we don’t have to run our body. The Unconscious Mind reacts to what the Mind is saying; your emotions therefore are the body’s reaction to your Mind. This unconscious intelligence governs your reactions to the environment around you and so produces instinctive reactions to perceived threats. These instinctive responses are animal-like, primordial forms of emotion. In the face of danger, for example walking out in front of a car, our heart beats faster, our muscles contract and breathing speeds up to prepare us to fight or flee; this is primordial fear. Equally, if we are cornered (psychologically as well as physically), we have a massive flood of energy give us strength we didn’t know we had (mothers have been observed lifting up cars to get their babies from underneath); this is primordial anger.

The instinctive responses seem like emotions, but they are not in the proper sense of the word. The difference is that an instinctive response is a reaction to an external situation. An emotion is the body’s response to a thought. The body reacts as though the thought were reality, so that a fearful thoughts means “I’m in danger” and it responds accordingly, even if you’re lying comfortably in bed. But because the thought is fiction, the energy has no outlet; we can’t fight it or run away. Part of the energy goes back into the Mind amplifying the anxious thoughts and the rest stays within the body unused, causing the fight or flight hormones to build up and become toxic, negatively affecting physical health.

The consequence of this is profound: many people in the current economic climate have a series of variations on the following theme: “What happens if I lose my job? What happens if I can’t pay the bills? What happens if I can’t pay the mortgage? What happens if I lose my house? This is of course your imagination working overtime in negative mode. But your Unconscious doesn’t know the difference between reality and your imaginings. It hears: “Oh my God, I’ve lost my job. I can’t pay the bills. I can’t pay my mortgage. I’ve lost my house”

The Unconscious is the part of the Mind that activates the Fight or Flight mechanism. The Unconscious then releases a burst of adrenalin, cortisol and noradrenal (which in excess amounts are literally poisons) to force us to get ourselves out of danger in a split second (e.g. by jumping back on the pavement to avoid the car).

The problem today is that the Fight or Flight mechanism for most of us is now triggered by what have become “every day worries”. Unlike in cave times when our life was genuinely in danger every day (for example coming across a sabre toothed tiger) and we could use up the adrenalin, cortisol and noradrenalin by fighting or running away, the “life threats” we come across today can’t be fought or run away from. This leaves us with too much of the now poisonous hormones in the system and in therefore in a constant state of anxiety.

Today thoughts that trigger emotional responses in our bodies are coming in so thick and fast, that before we can even think to voice the concerns, the body has already responded with an emotion, which has turned into a reaction. Those thoughts don’t have time to be verbalised and analysed and remain locked in the Mind as Limiting Beliefs.

Limiting Beliefs  usually start from past experiences or childhood programming. So for example in a family where the basic relationships (parents and siblings) were distant and unsupportive, an inevitable Limiting Belief becomes:  I can’t trust anyone”. Similar common Limiting Beliefs are: “I’m useless, worthless and hopeless. I’m ugly and fat, so nobody loves me. I don’t deserve to be happy.” Limiting Beliefs create emotions in our bodies which in turn generate negative mind activity and instant fight or flight reactions. This is how we create our reality. Our reality becomes based on imagination (usually negative) and by relating entirely to the Voice inside the head,  we are prevented from being ourselves and get locked into a permanent state of anxiety.

In The Power of Now, Eckart Tolle (a personal hero of mine…although he would hate to be described that way) observes that after 2 ducks get into a fight, they will separate and float off in opposite directions. Then each duck will flap its wings vigorously a few times, thus releasing the surplus energy that built up during the fight. Then they float off peacefully, as though nothing had happened. If the duck had a human mind it would keep the fight alive by thinking and making up stories: “I don’t believe what he just did. He came to within 5 inches of me. He thinks he owns this pond. He has no consideration for my personal space. I’ll never trust him again.  I’m not going to stand for this. I’ll teach him a lesson he won’t forget.” And on it goes, the mind thinking and talking about it for days or even months. As far as the body is concerned the fight is still continuing and the energy it generates in response to all of those thoughts is emotion, which in turn generates more thinking. Most humans live like this all the time. No situation or event is ever really finished. We are a species that has lost its way; we need a Mindfulness Revolution to regain control of our Minds.

So how do we do with this?

In fact, simply becoming aware of how the Mind works and how we create our reality, gives us the chance to consciously listen into and discount the negative messages from the Voice. There are strategies and exercises that can be learnt to do this; however, they tend to take a time and a lot of willpower.

The simple answer is Neural Recoding ©; see http://winningminds.co.uk/how-to-make-permanent-changes/what-is-neural-recoding/ This neuroscience process takes away negative emotional programming and gives the client the internal strength to go and change their lives.

Once that is done, the next step is to relearn our sense of self, become very comfortable with that person and have the confidence to act accordingly. Since positive emotions have the opposite effect of poisonous negative emotions on our body, we then need to learn how to bring the deep inner states of love, peace and joy into our lives, to boost our immune system and heal our body.

Simply “Be You, Be Happy”!

These steps are covered in our unique Liberate Your Life © workshops; see http://winningminds.co.uk/personal-workshops/liberate-your-life-in-1-dayguaranteed-2/

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