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Yay! Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch!! Over the last 17 years working with my clients, I have developed loads of exercises, tests and e-books: here’s the pick of the bunch!

Free Relaxation MP3

Well if you don’t know anything about the simplicity and power of hypnosis apart from what you’ve seen on TV or heard down the pub, then why not experience it for yourself? This is a free relaxation session that you can use as often as you like at home…indeed repeated use has a cumulative effect in helping you move into state of calm.

Download the MP3 here


Free Therapy Issue e-Books

If you want to gather more info on a particular issue before ringing up for a chat, then these e-Books on the most common issues are perfect. This page will allow to choose which issue(s) you want to download

Download your e-Book here


Free Secret to a Happy life e-Book

Over the years I’ve often been asked what the secret to a happy life is and for the majority of that time I’ve thought that there isn’t one…but there is!! This e-Book will outline a Path for you to follow with numerous stepping stones along the way. I’m not saying this is easy or quick (it’s neither…this is real world stuff!), but when you’ve read this and committed the Vision and the Stepping Stones to memory, you’ll be amazed how it’ll alter your thinking and help you gradually and incrementally move towards your happy life.

Download The Real Secret here

Self Awareness Tests

Again over the years, I’ve developed Home work tests for my client to do to increase their Self Awareness…a critical part of my Neural Recoding therapy. Here’s the pick of the ones you can do on your own without the need for reams of instructions.

 Identity Exercises

Who are you? Do you know? At school we are taught to conform to be “good little boys and girls”and not explore our identity. As a teenager the last thing we want to do is “stick out”…so we conform. Even as an adult “society” tells us how we should behave, what goals we should set for ourselves, how we should look and dress…we’re still conforming! So who are you? Time to find out? Here’s 4 exercises that will look at different parts of your life to help you build a picture of who you are!

Download the Exercises here