Breathing is Life



Most people are aware that they do not breathe deeply enough; in fact most people only use about 25% of their breathing capacity. When you consider that most of our energy comes from what we bring in through our breath, nearly 70% of detoxification (getting rid of waste from our body) is through exhalation and finally that the amount of oxygen available on earth has dropped from 36% to about 17%, it is essential that we learn to breathe properly.

Breathing is essential for relaxation and energy, as well as dealing with stress and anxiety, difficult sleep patterns. Breath is life and whilst we normally let it happen unconsciously, it is the only major bodily function that we can step in and do consciously.

This is a double CD:

  • The first CD is a self hypnosis session to change your habituated breathing pattern into something slower and deeper as you go through your day, multiplying your oxygen intake and therefore your health dramatically.
  • The second CD contains exercises from the new science of Breathwork. The exercises have different purposes from making you more consciously aware of your breathing, 4 different styles of breathing, special breathing techniques to promote relaxation and energy or stimulation.

Just a few minutes a day can transform your breathing, your health and your energy levels.