Mind Chatter: Managed and Silenced

Mind Chatter


The most obvious symptom of the stressful and anxious nature of modern life is the constant Mind Chatter that we have going on in our heads; this tends to be particularly strong in people with depression. Unfortunately the messages from the Chatter are rarely positive! Some people experience this as a voice in their head, some people have several. No, we’re not mad; this is simply the Unconscious Mind trying to do its job of protecting us and keep us safe…by nagging!

Unfortunately, because we receive the continuous small shocks from modern life, this “need for protection” and hence the voice is much stronger than it needs to be. The voice (s) is/are extremely emotionally tiring, contributing further to the fatigue of every day existence.

Mark has developed this session from 10 years of 1-2-1 practice, where thousands of people have had the same Mind Chatter problem whether their presenting symptom is stress, depression, anxiety, Eating Disorders or other emotional issues. The self hypnosis session is designed to reprogramme the voice to only make itself heard when there’s a really pressing need, when action needs to be taken immediately. This stops the continuous worrying.