Morning Start: Vitality and Calm

Morning Start


There’s no doubt that modern life is stressful, but imagine a routine first thing in the morning that really does set you up for the day. This is Mark’s own morning routine which he has developed and used himself 4 weekdays out of 5 for 2 years and enables him to remain totally focussed for 7-8 hours a day with clients, without tiring.

Whilst most benefit from the routine is had from doing it at the beginning of the day, not everybody’s daily routine will allow it (although Mark simply started getting up an hour earlier each day to do the routine and has never “missed” the sleep, because of the nature of the routine). It doesn’t have to be done everyday either, although the clients who have tested it out at the weekend, have found the benefit so great, that they too have started getting up an hour earlier on weekdays!

In fact, Mark only realised the real power of the routine recently when he stopped a weekly breakfast meeting for the first time in two years. Every Thursday morning Mark would travel to a breakfast meeting, getting up at the same time as normal, but not giving him sufficient time to do his routine. Every Thursday by about 3pm he would “crash”, even though he saw fewer clients than normal that day. The very day Mark stopped going to that meeting and did his routine exactly the same as every other weekday, he immediately noticed that he didn’t “crash” even though he was seeing more clients.

The Morning Start Routine is a fully guided CD programme and split into 3 parts:

  • Energetic NLP which uses guided visualisation to energise the body. Client users have compared this to a simpler form of meditation, which is notoriously hard to do well, but with the same benefits.
  • Breathing Exercises, which are taken from Tai Chi. Very few of us consciously think about our breathing and therefore breathe shallowly at the top of our chest. Effective breathing is a naturally deep rhythm carried out in the belly. Deep breathing techniques ensure that the body is fully oxygenated and ready for the day.
  • Stretching Exercises taken from Yoga. Gentle stretching first thing in the morning is a wonderful way of ironing out all the aches and pains that gather during the day, before they even start. Yoga is well-renowned for helping deal with the physical sides of stress.