Sleep: Restore, Reinvigorate, Heal



Again, due to the stressful lives most of us lead, our sleep patterns are often affected. Clients who have already been prescribed sleeping tablets always complain that they don’t get “real” deep sleep, that they effects of the tablets wear off after a month or so and that the tablets are extremely addictive and hard to get off. Unfortunately herbal pills don’t seem to be a great solution either.

The real solution is to retrain the Unconscious Mind in letting the anxieties of the day go and naturally doing what it needs to at night: settle down and drift off!

Many clients have successfully used this self hypnosis session to train their Minds for sleep as an adjunct to their 1-2-1 therapy. For those, who have lost their naturally rhythm for sleep, the CD is the easy and natural way to recapture those blissful hours of restorative sleep.