Stress: Managed and Silenced

Stress is now not just prevalent in society, but ubiquitous! Stress, like anxiety, comes from an unhelpful interpretation of the information coming in from the world around us. Change the way your Mind is programmed and how it deals with this incoming information and you will find it easier to deal with uncertainty, change and even stressful situations! This change needs to be made at an Unconscious level; rationally analysing why one is stressed unfortunately doesn’t help!

This CD is a self-hypnosis session, which Mark has developed from the thousands of 1-2-1 sessions over the past 10 years; it has already proven to be extremely powerful 100’s of used it. If your life is fast and stressful (whose isn’t?!), then occasional listening to the session, will help keep the Mind relaxed and better able to function calmly.