The Mind Map

This is a 2 hour recording of a recent presentation Mark gave on how the Mind works. This is the backbone of  Mark’s 1-2-1 sessions; the presentation allows people to understand how they are creating their own reality; this may mean stress, depression, even behavioural issues like Eating Disorders. This is essential knowledge in order to beat emotional, habitual and addiction issues.

The model Mark presents is an adaptation of two of the major NLP models: the Meta Model developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder (the originators of NLP) and Logical Levels developed by Robert Dilts; Mark has adapted these models to show a complete picture of how the Mind works. It shows how much influence we can definitely have on the outcome of our lives.

With this knowledge, you have the makings of the way to really change your life whatever path that means for you. 91% of our Mind is Unconscious; knowledge of how this part of your Mind works has helped 1000’s on their way to the life they want. It can give you clarity too for whatever you want to achieve.