Values Exercise: What do I want from my Life?

Guidelines to completion
1. Ask yourself this exact question and write the first thing that comes into your head; then go
back to the question and write the next thing down. Keep going until you get to 30. If you get
stuck, have a rest and come back to it; take as long as you like! It’s important to get to 30; you
may find your most important value comes out number 27 for example, so do get to 30.
2. You are after non-tangible things, e.g. honesty, tolerance. If “my family” or “my job” comes up,
what is it that your family (or your job) gives you? E.g. love or security. That’s the value.
1. You should find that most of these are a mirror (the opposite) of What’s Important. Check and
see if there’s an opposite to what you hate in What’s Important. If not, you may want to add it.
1. From your top 30, cross 20 out to get your top 10. This should be easy as many of the values
will be different words for the same thing: e.g. honesty and integrity.
2. Then rank your top 10; you can do this by asking yourself to choose one of 1 and 2.
e.g.1. Honesty and 2. Respect; if I could only have honesty or respect in my life, which would it be?
Then choose between 1 and 3. etc.
Now mark out of 10 how you are honouring each of these values firstly at home and then at work.
So if excitement is your top value, how much of it is there in your life at home and then at work?
A. What’s important to me in my life? B. What do I hate in my¬† life?
1 16 1
2 17 2
3 18 3
4 19 4
5 20 5
6 21 6
7 22 7
8 23 8
9 24 9
10 25 10
11 26
12 27
13 28
14 29
15 30
C.Top 10 Values D. Honouring your Values

Work/10 Home/10