Make Permanent Changes

Why is it we get stuck with negative states, emotions and habits anyway?

The reason permanent change is so difficult if not tackled in the right way, is that we have built up the negative patterns over an extended time…certainly months, if not years. These patterns are coded not only in the mind, but through chemical reactions also through the body. When you think about it all emotions have a feeling. Take fear or anxiety for example: we can actually feel the cortisol and noradrenalin (in excess levels…both poisons by the way!) coursing through our body because we’re on “red alert”. Well, guilt or shame have a similar chemical reaction, albeit using different chemicals to create the particular feeling for the shame or the guilt.

The more we fire off these chemical reactions (i.e. the more often we become anxious) through the mind and the body, the more addicted the body becomes to these chemicals and the easier it is to fire off the fearful or anxious neural pathways, until the point it becomes habitual and the slightest thing sets off the anxiety…” did I put the bins out last night?…will I get into trouble from the neighbours if my rubbish starts to spill over?…what happens if they report me?…I read about that woman in the paper recently who was put into prison for the mess she made of the street she lived in” etc.

We spiral off out of control seemingly without any ability to remain in reality; in fact, the worse the anxiety (stress or depression) gets, the more difficult it becomes for the mind to know what is real and what is pure fantasy! 

In order to make permanent changes, we need to release the negative programming, patterns and pathways from the past and build new, more desirable ones.

There are 3 ways to make permanent emotional or habitual changes:


Counselling primarily uses the conscious mind to think through logically and rationally the client’s issue: where it has come from and how it is affecting their life currently. Relatively little time is spent creating a new future…which is of course the client’s sole interest. Unfortunately this involves months or often even years of trawling through traumatic times from the past and confronting how powerless the client feels in their current situation. Gradually, over an extended period of time, with the assistance of a good therapist, the Mind will create the necessary new neural pathways and therefore the changes.


 Visualisation, or Mental Rehearsal as it is sometimes referred to, means spending time regularly in a relaxed (you might say in semi-trance) state and imagining your new life with the change already made. Regular repetition will grow new neural pathways and create the changes you want.

However, this takes real determination and persistence, because you are “on your own” and you have got to make the new neural pathways stronger than the “bad ones”, which you’ve probably had for years; visualisation should therefore be done religiously for an hour a day over a month.

The problem here is, that whilst Counselling seems to spend all of the time in the past, Visualisation doesn’t do anything to actively change the way the mind sees what happened in the past and relies solely on creating new neural pathways to overpower the old unwanted ones.

Neural Recoding

 Neural Recoding is a process of releasing the emotional and habitual pain from the past and then creating a new and more desirable future. Because Neural Recoding involves a clear Consciousunderstanding of how we have created our old undesired reality, the Unconscious Mind is already primed to make the desired changes even before the creation of new neural pathways.

Once the understanding is in place, the Unconscious is ready to releasethe addictive negative patterns (be they emotional or habitual) from the past. The wonderful part here is that only minimal content is necessary to leave the old patterns behind; it is completely unnecessary to trawl through emotionally devastating experiences from the past.

With the shedding of old negative neural patterns and pathways, it is so much easier for the unconscious to take on new patterns and pathways and to build a new and more desirable reality. Because the visualisation element is carried out in trance (i.e. at an unconscious level), not only is it much easier without the interference of the chatter of the logical conscious mind, but the change can happen more or less immediately, since the Unconscious doesn’t know the difference between a thought or something imagined (i.e. Visualisation) and something real.

As a result, 3 x half day sessions is plenty for most people to make immediate neurological changes, so that they can go out and make the lifestyle changes they need to ensure they can get the fulfilment from life they are looking for. Each session lasts 4-5 hours, but don’t worry…most people think they’ve been there 2 hours or less! Time flies by when you’re having fun! Click here for Neural Coding details.

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