Liberate your Life from Stress

Does this sound familiar?

Event Programme

  • Wake up each morning exhausted
  • Mind always full of chatter
  • Permanent anxiety
  • Lose your temper too easily
  • Disengaged at home and at work?
  • Find yourself drifting through life
  • Reacting rather than being pro-active
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Relationships at home and at work unfulfilling
  • Not living to your full potential

Most people’s lives are blighted by 2 simple but important influences: stress and a lack of self esteem. We spend most of our lives trying to change the world or the people around us. But both stress and lack of self esteem are beliefs; they are in our mind: in our imagination. They don’t exist unless we allow them to exist.

The answer to a fulfilling life is so much easier than we think and very much within our control. Change your interpretation of where your life is and who you are and the whole world changes. All of us have the power and ability to create the life we want. Most of us need a little guidance to get there.

Liberate your Life from Stress is a one day workshop guaranteed to give you the knowledge and a personalised action plan to help you change your mind and your lifestyle. Follow the path the workshop lays out for you and we literally guarantee (see below) that you will change your life.

The Workshop Format

The Liberate your Life from Stress workshop is focussed on interaction; there is some simple theory, but it is kept to a minimum and illustrated with real life examples. The rest of the day is doing exercises that allow you to look inside and learn about yourself, and learning activities and techniques which will help you to change your life in both the immediate and long-term. Finally, you will put together your own Personalised Action Plan to make sure that you put all of your new-found knowledge into action and do indeed change your life.

You will learn:

  • How to glow with happiness at work and at home
  • How to calm the Mind Chatter
  • How you can break out of negative cultural programming and watch as others marvel at how you walk lightly but easily along the” pavement of life”
  • The sheer delight and inner power of having a deep and unshakable sense of who you are
  • 3 simple, vitally important lifestyle rules which will transform your emotional calm every day
  • To ensure you get a wonderful, peaceful night’s sleep every night without sleeping tablets or herbal remedies
  • To overcome any emotional or personal issues and find the calm and fulfilment you deserve
  • To bounce out of bed ready for the day every day
  • 1 simple piece of learning that will show you why all other approaches to personal change are so hard
  • Techniques to take you instantly out of stress and anxiety and propel you into happiness and joy

So why Winning Minds?

For the last 8 years, Mark Newey has run his own Behavioural Therapy Practice helping thousands of individuals through stress and anxiety issues (this has become his speciality) as well as other debilitating issues such as depression, bulimia, fears, phobias, and addictions. Have a look at the client videos on

Due to the incredible depth of knowledge gained by helping so many people literally walk out of his door and transform their lives (Mark often talks about having been given the opportunity to “see into the very soul of humanity”), Mark has developed a unique emotional therapy modality, combining Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy which for 90% of cases takes just 4-5 hours to give people the clarity, inner strength and motivation to go out and change their lives. He has adapted this technique for workshop delivery.

Here’s what some of our clients say:

“Helping people with personal growth is not an option for Mark; it’s part of who he is. Enabling and supporting others to grow is a phrase used by many in the NLP world. Few genuinely mean it and/or live it. Mark is an exception, he walks the talk! Mark can wear short trousers without people laughing at him!” H.O. London

The workshop has “has allowed me to understand what I need to do in order to progress with my life. It has also allowed me to become more aware of what stops me getting what I want, which in itself is very powerful! I am a lot more congruent about what I do and new opportunities have already opened up-which were never obvious before. Thanks Mark!” M.B. London

Your Investment

The cost of this unique 1 day workshop is £195. This includes a manual which once completed becomes your own Personalised Action Plan, and a double CD of simple relaxation exercises and a music soundtrack, both of which will make a huge difference to your life.

Complete Money-back Guarantee

We are so totally confident in the workshop that if you feel, by the lunchtime break, that you haven’t learned something that will allow you to change your life, then we will give you your money back…no questions asked.

Please ring 0800 083 0143 or e-mail to find out dates and venues and book your place on the next workshop.