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  “How to transform your Life in just 2 days” 

 With 100% Money-Back Results Guarantee…

Most of us are stuck on a treadmill running our life at a faster and faster pace. We don’t seem to have the time to step back and wonder how we might improve our life. And yet with the speed of modern life, this has never been so important. The Skills for Life workshop will allow you to put your life into perspective and learn some very simple skills that will literally transform the way you live your life and your enjoyment of it.


  • Getting out of bed still exhausted?
  • Stress getting the better of you?
  • Important relationships not what they might be?
  • Not enough hours in the day?
  • Struggling to balance your life?
  • Too many balls in the air?
  • Need more Energy?
If some of the above apply to you, as you read every word of this letter, you will learn how to develop skills you can use on a daily basis to dramatically improve the fulfillment in your life.
 A Tailor made workshop for anyone who wants more out of life

There’s been something nagging away at the back of your mind for months, maybe even years, that something’s not right…you need to make changes in your life…you need to manage your life better. Sometimes this feeling grows and grows and then somebody has a “mid-life crisis”. It’s not a mid-life crisis: somebody’s just having a look at their life and recognises that it isn’t what they thought they’d signed up for. But now what? Skills for Life…that’s what!

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 Mark has spent every working day of the last 7 years helping people to recognise what changes they need to make in their lives and then teaching the skills, the resources…even a few “magic” tricks, to help them transform their day-to-day life.


Well now there is a tailored workshop designed just for you…to learn how to make your Life work for You!

Many existing clients write in and say they want to know more techniques and knowledge so that they can make even more changes to their lives. Mark has therefore taken all of the techniques, exercises and knowledge that he takes his clients through (but in a one-to-one session they only get the bits relevant to their particular issue) and put them into a genuinely transformational workshop.

  Just look at what you will learn when you attend:
  • Huge self knowledge and what really makes you tick
  • How to find the Self Esteem you know you should have
  • How to transform key relationships in your life
  • How to understand others and what makes them tick
  • How to “read” others instantly
  • How to understand and control your emotions
  • How to begin to look after yourself properly 
  • How to create “Me Time” and what to do with it
  • How to communicate effectively 
  • How to begin to live the life you want

The Workshop is guaranteed (see below for details for “No Questions asked Money Back Guarantee) to transform your life in just 2 days. You’ll get knowledge and skills that really put you in control of your life.

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Your Trainer

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 Mark’s clients call him a People Whisperer; his experience, innate people skills and advanced training have combined to create a unique and powerful approach to Personal Change.

 His background was originally International Marketing for large Corporates, but he found the lack of interest in people in that environment unrewarding and set up his own training company before moving into one-to-one coaching and therapy.

Mark’s personal mission is to empower 1 million people to take control of their health and their destiny. He believes passionately that everyone has the right to create the life they want; he has many most powerful methods to help people do this.

Mark works with clients everyday on all sorts of emotional and behavioural issues and has adapted the techniques to use in every day life; a workshop is the best environment to share these with people

 Here are comments from people who’ve seen Mark teach:

This Workshop opened my eyes to a huge variety of ways I can help Business Owners a lot better. Not only them but myself too!! So I highly recommend it. Who knows what more you could achieve?” Andre Goodison, Business Coach

 “This is powerful stuff and everybody should understand it.” Mark Featherstone, Business Coach
“He covered stuff I’d heard before and stuff I hadn’t heard, but he brought it together in a way that’s really compelling. His style is friendly and warm. Geoff Halpin, Entrepreneur
Today I gained a lot. I’m going to go away and reduce my stress levels using the simple hypnotic techniques Mark has taught me. I’ve never felt so relaxed if I’m honest…fantastic! Cambridge-based Human Resources Director
“Very powerful! A greater understanding of how the Mind works and such simple techniques that I can use to change my life and those of my clients…amazing!” Lee Duncan, Internet Entrepreneur and Business Advisor

 Sign up for The Skills for Life Workshop today… and claim your three FREE Special Bonuses.

  • Special Bonus Number 1: Transform your Confidence worth £59
    This 2 CD Set of Trancework and Music worth £59 will relax you and take your self esteem and state-management to another level.   Mark has put all of his Trancework knowledge and experience into this incredibly powerful and proven CD. The second CD is the uniquely commissioned Alphamusic from the Trancework session, which will become the soundtrack to your success.  It will guide your brainwaves into an alpha state, the one where you’re totally “in the flow”. With this music playing quietly through the day, your subconscious mind will reconnect to the positive messages embedded in the Trancework CD, keeping you at your peak all day long.
  • Special Bonus Number 2: “7 Ways To Find Life Purpose” worth £37
    This workbook will show you how to find out your life purpose. Knowing this will be the turning point for real personal transformation and will unlock your full potential.
  • Special Bonus Number 3: Ultimate Health book worth £50
    Simple proven techniques that are the solution to transform your health and keep it where you want it. This well-researched book includes a plan for each day of the week to build into your daily routine to keep stress and everyday infections at bay, keeping your performance at peak levels.

    Workshop Details

The Skills for Life Workshop will be held in the Cambridge area (venue to be confirmed) on  Friday and Saturday 1st and 2nd February 2008
In order to maximise the outcome for course participants, there will only be 25 places.

A full manual, lunch, tea and coffee will be included.



Mark is so certain that this workshop will transform your life, that if at the end of the 1st day of, you haven’t learned anything completely transformational, then you will receive a full refund: no questions asked. Simply hand back your manual and keep the knowledge you have learned as well as the 3 free gifts with Mark’s blessing! 


Your Investment for the full 2 Days

Regular price for the February 2008 workshop is £300 + VAT.

Winning Minds existing clients preview offer:  20% off if you book before  11th January, was £300 + VAT (£352.50inc VAT) Offer Price £240+VAT (£282 inc VAT) for 4 days of essential skills. When you think that Mark’s hourly rate is £150-£200 per hour, this represents superb value at £19 per hour!

Multiple Sign Up Offer: Sign up with 2 friends and receive an additional 20% discount for you and 20% discount for them. 

  • You pay: 20% off if you book before  1st November, was £300 + VAT (£352.50 inc VAT) Offer Price £240+VAT (£282 inc VAT) 20% off for inviting 2 friends £192+VAT (£225.60inc VAT)
  • Your 2 Friends Pay…: 20% off if you book before  1st November, was £300 + VAT (£352.50 inc VAT) Offer Price £240+VAT (£282 inc VAT)

Call 01799 523 040

PS If your friends invite 2 friends they will receive 20% additional discount too. (We’ll give you 20% cash back if you have already paid!)

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