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Many therapies recognise the importance of posture and breathing, particularly those from the East. There is a connecting loop between posture, breathing, state of mind and behaviour; alter any of these (positively or negatively) and the others all change too.

People with negative emotions such as stress, depression and anxiety have something very much in common; their shoulders become tense and when particularly severe, actually “lock up”. This causes the shoulders to “bow” forward, which in turn severely affects the person’s ability to breathe deeply; this is turn starves the brain of oxygen and makes it difficult to think straight, altering the person’s state of mind and hence their behaviour.  You only have to watch somebody having a panic attack, where their state spirals out of control, to see whyogaat affect poor posture and breathing can do.

In a situation where the client is about to succumb to a negative emotion, they do get a signal, a warning first; this tends to be a change in the balance of the Body. Winning Minds teach the client to recognise their own personal signal and then how to avoid the debilitating effect of the negative emotion through Breathwork. Breathwork is becoming “big” in the States as a simple way to give somebody control right when they need it.

Breathing exercises first thing in the morning and last thing at night, borrowed from Qigong, a healing system based on breathing and visualisation from the East, also help a person dramatically with “background” issues such as stress and insomnia.