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Coaching is a relationship with a professionally trained individual who will help you change and grow, to restructure or improve your life, to work through transitions you may be experiencing in order to find fulfilment, clarity and balance.

NLP – The difference that makes the difference

NLP – or Neuro Linguistic Programming – is the science around making sense of the way we interact with our world, how we use language (both verbal and physical) to express who we are, the way we think and feel determines what we do and the choices we make. It is this added perspective that enables an NLP Coach to bring real benefits to their clients. An NLP Coach has the ability to help you to learn new skills, to learn about yourself and others and to take up those strategies that will allow you to live the life you choose, with purpose and with passion.

Coaching works from the perspective that every client is the expert on their own life. No one else knows what’s ‘right’ for us but ourselves – all the answers we need lie within us. Sometimes this can be hard to appreciate; we feel we don’t know, we feel lost or confused and we could benefit from help in finding those answers: this is what Coaching can bring.

A Coach is not there to give advice or make decisions or take control, but to help the client make the realisations themselves: it is that self-realisation that makes the learning so much more profound and leads to lasting change.

The Coaching relationship is a collaborative one whereby the client is responsible for designing the relationship. It is for the client to say how he/she wants not only the relationship as a whole to run, but also each individual session; it’s the client who writes the agenda.

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