Behavioural Kinesiology

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Behavioural Kiniesiology can be used to help people change Limiting Beliefs about their lives. Most people have come across Kiniesiology as muscle testing for food allergies. The advantage is that we can use the body as a signalling system to give us answers from our Unconscious Mind whilst by-passing the Conscious Mind.

If that sounds a bit weird or strange…it’s not. If you are asked to think of something that is a lie, incorrect or something you don’t like, certain muscles in your body will be noticeably weak. If you then think of something that is true, correct or something you like, then those same muscles will be noticeably strong.

The problem with our Beliefs is that, by definition, we think they are true…they’re not, they’re just beliefs. We had a client some years ago who, to the core of his being, believed he was ugly. He was not…he was an ordinary man, but his belief had brought him close to suicide. We changed his belief in two sessions and he went away to live a happy life. Many Beliefs are invisible, because to us they are true; this can make them very difficult to work with, without the right tools.

Lack of Self Esteem is a Belief…it’s not true. Nobody is useless, worthless or rubbish! Even Depression is a belief! You don’t have to have it, but you do need to change your Mind!

Behavioural Kinesiology allows you to recognise beliefs you may not even know you had, that were limiting what you could do with your life and then change them. People make huge changes with Psych-K in minutes and the process proves to them that they’ve made the changes.