Neural Recoding


Neural Recoding is Mark’s own unique therapy modality born out of the experience of 10 years of 1-2-1 sessions with thousands of clients and many months and many £000’s worth of training in different behavioural and brain disciplines. Neural Recoding is Mark’s unique mix of strategies taken from NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

He trained initially in hypnotherapy and soon found that on its own, hypnotherapy did not have enough answers. Whilst NLP has much in common with hypnotherapy, it represents a more complete and accessible way of understanding the brain, emotions and behaviour. Much of the amazing change work that is done in trance under hypnotherapy can be done just as effectively in conscious exercises.

Lastly, the most effective way people learn is from doing the thinking and reasoning and so the understanding, themselves. NLP Coaching is the perfect vehicle for this.

In many ways Neural Recoding is more than a therapy modality, as Mark always insists that his clients own the changes they make themselves; this acknowledgement ensures that changes are permanent and not “magic”, as the enormous and fast changes that his clients make can seem.

The process of Neural Recoding takes place over 3 sessions involving the following steps:

Session 1: Foundation

  • Understanding: The first part of the first session Mark explains his Mind Map, a model of how the Mind works and how we create our own reality.
  • Self Discovery: Neural Recoding is minimal content therapy; Mark is adamant that it is not only unnecessary but also counter-productive to run through past trauma. Mark’s Self Discovery exercise is based on numerous principles of NLP and enables the client to carefully pigeon-hole the information needed.

Construction Foundations

Session 2: Shedding the Past

  • Release: Most people have issues from the past, often in terms of childhood programming and limiting beliefs which they need to release. The issues may have also been created quite recently, but have become habitual and too easily accessed. Since these issues are always unconscious, hypnotherapy is the perfect vehicle. 
  • Healing: Even relatively untraumatic negative patterns can leave scars or furrows in the mind, which need to be cleaned up, in order to move on.

Time Change

Session 3: Building the Future

  • Self Esteem: The foundation of permanent change is built on the “growing shoots” of self esteem; change cannot occur permanently unless you are able to feel good about yourself. This is Spring.
  • Identity: The final part of Neural Recoding is to create and normalize a new, resplendent identity: the new you…the real you. 


Neural Recoding therefore makes deep level changes at an Unconscious level, with the added advantage that the client has a complete Conscious understanding of the whole process, remaining in complete control the whole time. This enables them to take genuine ownership of the changes they make to ensure they remain permanently.