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We help people make permanent, positive changes to their lives.

Winningminds’ are Personal Change Practitioners. By understanding how the Mind (Conscious and Unconscious) works we can help clients make personal change, often dramatic, allowing them to overcome any barriers or limitations and lead happier, fuller lives.

We have in-depth experience across a wide range of disciplines that involve the Mind: NLP, Training, Hypnotherapy and Coaching, which enables us to give each client the optimal support and treatment they need.

Our philosophy is that every client should be treated according to their needs and not by a ‘general recipe’ concocted to suit the masses. We believe it is imperative that every client consciously understands the reasons for their current barriers, why they can’t deal with them on their own and then exactly how Winningminds’ can help.

Every client has an in-depth consultation before we proceed to any personal change intervention. This leads to a clearer understanding by the client and a much more fulfilling and rewarding experience. The consultation also allows us to tailor every session to the particular client. This is extremely important in order to maximise the effectiveness of the changework.

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