Ludwig Wittgenstein

The 20th Century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein put forward a theory which had a significant impact on modern thought.

He said that we each have a “blik”, which is a way of looking at the World, and as each of our “bliks” is unique, no two people will ever see things in the same way.

Our “bliks” are made up of a number of components – Our past experiences, our values and our beliefs. It is as though we are each wearing a pair of goggles and everything we see and experience must be filtered through these goggles and affects our interpretation of events.

But what if our “blik” is wrong? What if it is made up of beliefs which simply aren’t true and which are damaging and restrictive to the way we live our lives?

At Winning Minds, our aim is to ensure that you have a positive, life enforcing “blik” so that you are in control of, and happy with, your own reality.