Lucie talks about beating her Eating Disorder

Lucie finishes talking about her Eating Disorder!!



Emma talks about beating her Emotional Turmoil



Barbara talks about beating her depression:



Jo talks about stopping Smoking



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Alf talks about stopping Smoking:


Written Depression Testimonial from GK

I would just like to say that Mark Newey, thanks to his very skillful science, has TRANSFORMED my life in a matter of hours.

I used to be riddled with anxiety, insecurity, guilt, due to years of mind battering, first at school and later during a very distressful marriage.

In order to soothe the pain, and in order to be able to cope with the various difficult situations that I had to face, I would take refuge in alcohol, and even though I was not drinking every day, I would go through binges that could have killed me many times over!

I tried many things to resolve my problems:  from medicine, to Counselling, even to Alcoholics Anonymous.  Nobody and nothing seemed to help.  I was still very volatile, my moods would change constantly, I was very unstable.  And alcohol at the end of the day, still seemed the only answer.

Then I heard of Mark.  I did not think at the time that things would change very much again.  To be honest, I did not have too much hope any more………..but it was THE MIRACLE!

I am a changed person.  I sometimes do not even recognise myself.

I am full of confidence:  people do not abuse me anymore, I know how to stand my ground.  My mind, which seemed to be always in darkness, has been completely cleared:  I no longer have the very negative ideas that used to obstruct my thinking.

If a problem arises, I analyze it objectively, and if I cannot resolve it immediately, I set it aside and deal with it when I feel I can.  Time itself seems to have stretched:  I have a lot more time to do things.  Mark explained that it was because my mind is no longer full of unnecessary thoughts.

And as for the Alcohol……………well it is totally alien to me.  I don’t even remember the taste of wine.  I am not craving for it, I do not miss it, I am totally indifferent to it, which is marvellous as I work in an industry where food and drinks are key.  People around me can drink to their hearts’ content, it does not bother me one iota.  I do not touch the stuff.  But what’s even better is that I know for certain that I will never touch it again.

It is a true miracle which Mark has performed, because not only I benefit from it, but also my husband and my children who were very much the victims of my unpredictabililty.  We all thank Mark A MILLION TIMES.

Written Depression Testimonial from KW

Living with depression was hell.  Everything was dull, dark and negative. From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep I felt like i was living in a completely different place to every single person I met. I had tried to get help from my GP and felt completely hopeless. I found myself looking in from the outside in not knowing how to live or where to turn. I’d also developed an eating disorder as a result of feeling so rubbish about myself, but I knew the real issue was my depression.

My boyfriend saw an article in the local paper about Natasha Devon, who works for Winning Minds and got over a 10 year history of bulimia using their therapy. She also now works as a part time plus-size model – I knew to be that confident after suffering from bulimia Winning Minds must be something special and I was totally inspired. I decided to give their therapy a try. The therapist there is called Mark Newey and after his sessions I felt like a different person. He used NLP, coaching and hypnosis – completely different methods from anything I had tried before. Things came into colour and I finally felt in the same place as all my friends an family. The change happened really quickly. I can’t tell you how different my life is now.

You don’t often hear about young women who have depression. It is seen as a problem for older women or men. You feel stigmatised and like you cannot speak out. I hope by telling my story it will prove that it is better not to suffer in silence. I hope to inspire other people the way Natasha’s story has inspired me.

I’d also like to get the point out there that, by dishing out antidepressants all the time, the NHS are treating symptoms, not causes. Pills are not a long-term solution. Mark’s therapy allowed me to understand how my mind works, the emotions that had bought me to such a terrible place, and to re-programme my unconscious brain. The therapy allowed me to be the person I was meant to be. I can’t thank Mark enough. 

Written Testimonial from DS

My Self Esteem was low, i found it hard to talk to anyone and just used to bottle up any problems i had. At the end of the day i assumed it was my problem and no one else’s therefore i would deal with it. i started to feel worthless and of course that lead to it causing problems in my relationship to my Wife. I just felt miserable a lot of the time. This way of treatment i would never have even considered but i was in such a bad place i was happy to try anything, and thank god this was brilliant.

Its more about what has changed in me than what i have changed in my life, by being more positive and having a much brighter outlook people just seem happier and more relaxed around me and that in itself is how i wanted things, back to normal if you like. yeah i have taken up learning the guitar as this is something i have always wanted to do and looking into Photography lessons, again this is something i used to do and love back in college but have not touched in a long while.

 It was an excellent experience really,i felt comfortable talking to him and he is an easy going down to earth chap. I am sure I will be in touch with him again if anything crops up that i cannot deal with as it worked so well this time. Never hurts to have a top up and i would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially non believer’s like i used to be.

Written Testimonial from JR

Totally Transformational! I felt very sceptical about seeing Mark as i was unsure if it would actually work. Mark has completely changed things for me not only has he helped me to stop smoking for nearly 7 months but has given me confidence. Thanks Mark, you are truely a remarkable person that i respect dearly

Written Testimonial from HB

Brilliant! I worried about worrying,where my life was going & wasnt really sure what i wanted from life. Well…currently my hair salon is up for sale!! i realised it was causing me most of the stress in my life or taking it over. i was totally focusing on that & none of the actual things i really wanted ..these thing became very clear after my visits with mark..ant (my boyfriend) & myself are planning a family now..i feel so much more happier and that i am now working toward what i really want..oh worry..whats that?

Written Testimonial from AL

Brilliant! Iwas feeling terrible, desperate, withdrawn, suicidal, hopeless and helpless. A sense of perspective and proportion, being able to cope. Realising that what you think is not necessarily true ! I thought the whole experience — environment, methods and structure were ideal.

Written Testimonial from DS

I was unhappy and weak. The sessions were brilliant. I’m doing much more for myself which makes me happy. Saying no to people who have been soooooo negative in my life for soooooo long.  Have forgiven myself and others. Mark is the best!

Written Testimonial from DB

I felt hopeless and that I would never resolve my issues. I would beat myself up for feeling such ways. I have since got a job in London and moved out of my family to live in London. I don’t believe I could have done that before seeing Mark and although I still find certain things difficult, I know that I need to remember what I have learned from Mark and build on those things.

More Testimimonials:

“Everybody needs a coach….. but sadly, not everybody will look, and most will not find one as good as Mark Newey! Whether you need to expand an idea about your business or understand what is going on in your life, I guarantee that Mark will help you find the answers (if you really want to find them!)

Geoff Bowen hired Mark as a Career Coach in 2009

“Mark has a unique slant on the human mind and is very good at finding clear answers to the deepest of problems. He is totally open, passionate and understanding. If you needed (and we all do at times) the type of help he could give then it would be pointless to look elsewhere.

Rob Bamberger hired Mark as a Well being practitioner in 2009.

“I first met Mark in 2008 at a presentation on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Mark spoke with clarity and in language which was easy to understand. I was grateful for the opportunity to use Mark’s help and services in Autumn 2009. My first session was to identify the particular area he could help with and how my issues were manifesting  as a fear. The second session removed that fear and released me to move forward.
These two afternoon sessions, only cost a few hundred pounds and released me from the anchor I was being held back with. It has allowed me to grow and develop into a person I could only ever dreamt of before and never believed I could be. I changed my life. I am, and will always be grateful to Mark for his help and recommend his honest, straight forward approach to anyone and would be happy to confirm this if you wish to contact me. Best wishes and success Mark, you really deserve it.”

Ralph Peake hired Mark  in 2009

“Mark’s warm, caring and engaging presence together with his deep commitment to finding the very best way to help you overcome your obstacles makes him the unique and talented individual he is. I would not hesitate for a moment to warmly recommend him if you too have hurdles to overcome

Gill Hicks hired Mark as a Coach / Therapist in 2009

“Mark’s commitment and passion for his work is truly inspiring – and he really knows how to help people get their lives back together. He takes immense care with each individual and he really can say that he makes a BIG difference.”

Liz Lewis was a consultant or contractor to Mark at Winning Minds Ltd

“Mark provides a superlative service tailored to his clients’ individual situation. He has an extremely personable approach based on an in- depth knowledge and understanding of his profession. He establishes a strong rapport with his clients to enable them to gain maximum benefit from their meetings, and ultimately to make lasting changes.

Diana Wright hired Mark as a Behavioural Therapy in 2009

“I have known Mark since 2008 and have recommended him to business owners, HR professionals, friends and colleagues for either 1-1 therapy or delivering workshops / training. A professional in his field, highly committed to effecting behavioural change in others who has achieved rapid lasting results. I highly recommend you contacting Mark.
Christine Peck hired in 2008

“It was a pleasure to work with Mark as his commitment to his clients and his professionalism is second to none. His sincerity stands out as a beacon in a crowded industry. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark

Ellee Seymour MCIPR  worked with Mark at Winning Minds Ltd

“Mark was instrumental in removing my self limiting beliefs. With a North London council estate background and an education that conditioned me to be factory fodder, I would never have believed that I could achieve what I have since Mark helped me break through my class ceiling. In fact, it was almost as if he held up a mirror and showed me that I had already broken myself, but my conditioning was refusing to accept it. I would happily recommend Mark to anyone.

Stephen R Moore hired Mark in 2008

“My family hired Mark to help out with my wife’s depression a couple of years ago. From the initial meeting Mark made her feel totally comfortable which lead in my opinion to some far better results. He dug deep and sourced the point of concern with true care. Since her visits to Mark, she is a far happier and more confident person, it has made our home life far more relaxing and enjoyable which I am sure in some way helped in us finally being able to conceive our second child which is something we had both desperately wanted. I would high recommend Mark both as a Therapist and as a person.

Richard McCormack hired Mark as a Therapist in 2009

“I have found Mark’s way of approaching things refreshingly different to the run of the mill. He isn’t ‘heavy’, he encourages you to think from a completely different angle and doesn’t harp on about the past. The past is the past and unlike many counsellors, he doesn’t keep raking over it constantly to force you to ‘deal’ with it etc in order to move on – a common ‘one size fits all’ route a lot of counsellors take which seriously doesn’t work for everyone. Mark is more ‘bespoke’ and with him you are guaranteed gentle support and plenty of ‘light bulb moments’, which is exactly what you need to when you are losing or have lost focus and need a reality check to jolt you back into the here and now. I would heartily recommend him.

Julie Payne FIRP hired Mark as a Coach in 2010

“Mark is one of life’s good guys, his passion for his work is contagious and his indepth knowledge of this subject makes him a true expert in his field. I would strongly recommend Mark to businesses and individuals alike. If you are looking for a proven method of dealing with life’s hardships or addictions then get in contact with Mark.”

Christopher Heron contractor to Mark at Winning Minds Ltd

“Mark is simply excellent at what he does, he truly cares and will not stop until he has helped you move forward. Well worth the investment of time and money.

Chris Clark, Cert PFS hired Mark as a Business Consultant in 2009

“I have recommended Mark to several people since I trained with him in NLP. Recently I worked with him on an EnergeticNLP training programme. His calm, professional manner and caring persona makes him an exceptional therapist and the process I witnesses with a client with MS was quite extraordinary.

Olive Hickmott Owner, Empowering Health worked directly with Mark at Winning Minds Ltd

“I worked with Mark over an eighteen month period on my NLP Master Practioner and Coach courses with ITS, in London. I was very impressed with Mark’s professionalism and his ability to inspire and show empathy while being very caring. Mark helped me to see my life and issues in a very different way. This lead to happiness and changes I could not imagine at the time!”

Melba Linda Schertler Owner, ICC

“Mark is very conscientious and meticulous in his manner. He builds up a rapport quickly with individuals as he shows a keen interest in them. This puts them at ease and a trusting lasting relationship is formed

Gill Hardy Learning & development Advisor, KPMG

“I went to Mark for Coaching at a very difficult time in my life and he was able to help me find the comfort, solace and stability I needed, before going on to help me see life more positively again. Mark is a very caring and personable man with a geat empathy, excellent coaching skills and the highest professional standards of integrity.

Chris Palmer hired Mark as a Life Coach in 2007

“Mark is an outstanding hynotherapist and Coach. I have used him myself and recommended my coaching clients to him for smoking cessation. He combines several disciplines and techniques, thus offers client highly effective ‘bespoke’ interventions. One highly sceptical client of mine has (to his surprise) not smoked for over a year since seeing Mark.

Helen Oakwater hired Mark as a Hypnotherapist in 2006

“Mark has the amazing ability to bring out all the issues that hold us back from achieving our full potential in life and then coaching us to fix these issues and move our lives forward. He is truly a “People Whisperer.

Andre Goodison hired Mark as a NLP and Hypnotherapist in 2006, and hired Mark more than once

“Having had a couple of sessions with Mark I felt much better equipped to deal with events that had been troubling me and with life in general. His easy-going nature belies incisive thinking and greatly beneficial insights, presented in an easy to understand (and implement!) manner.  Clearly has great passion for his work, high integrity and is very good at what he does, too!”


Even More Testimonials!:

I am a very basic down to earth person and though I wanted to believe, I was a bit apprehensive. I am over the Christmas period and it’s great I have not wanted to smoke; I am elated thanks for everything you have made it so easy.
M.C. Norfolk

I feel so much better about myself. Very pleasant, Very Relaxing. I would like to say a huge thank you.
Mrs P. Essex

I feel much better in the morning and the constant feeling in the back of my mind that I’m going to die has gone and been replaced by a positive, upbeat feeling. There is a hard way and an easy way to do everything, I choose the easy way. Thanks.
J. P. Cambs

It’s brilliant, I can now wear what I like and know I look good – and my husband definitely approves, he can’t keep his hands off me!
S.S. Cambs

I am feeling great. Proud of myself & confident. More time, More Breath, Don’t Smell and Feel Good. Great, Exciting, Relaxing, Fun. I Loved It.
P.R. Cambs

This year we are going where we want…and we will be flying there! Thank you so much, I feel free.
J.C. Cambs

Feel great, with no side effects actually can’t believe how easy it is. Keep thinking there must be more to it, but I know there is not.
O.T. Essex

I can now be in the same room as a wasp without freaking out! It’s amazing how calm I feel.
G.R. Ely

Spending much more time at the gym; feel fitter and more aware. Simply amazing – Highly recommended.
M.C. Cambs

Winningminds’ wants you to succeed and have a very caring attitude. Any follow up contact is treated very sympathetically and helpfully. I have recommended them to many of my friends.
C.H. Norfolk

I was a bit dubious at first that it would work, but it totally changed my life. It has changed the way I think about smoking. I see and smell smokers now and I think it is disgusting. At first I found it a little strange not to smoke but it got easier, within an hour or two. This is the most effective method by far. Thank you.
S.C. Cambs

I got a massive amount out of my session with you.  I hadn’t been able to see that I was not being true to myself, and the frustrations I had was being caused by the conflict between my true values and those which I thought were my values, but were actually other peoples’.  This awareness has allowed me to be more confident and happier with what I am doing, giving me more liscence to dream and visualise freely without being questioned by others’ beliefs.

P.B. Essex

Amazing – I would have never thought it would have worked. I am very happy.
S.C. Essex

Much freer & happier; the rest I can’t put into words. I’m not reaching for a cigarette just to make a phone call, it’s great. Money well spent.
L. McC. Suffolk

At first I was a bit nervous, but soon relaxed. I love being able to get up in the morning and not lighting up. Thank you for your assistance and kindness.
T. McC. Suffolk

Now I actually enjoy presentations and my manager can’t believe how confident I’ve become. I know I won’t be the only one in my company to pay you a visit.
B.S. Harlow

Unlike other methods I have tried (& failed) I did not experience any withdrawal symptoms. I am a non smoker and I feel great about it.
S. N. Cambs

A one hour session has changed my life for ever. For years I had tried to change using all sorts of methods. Hypnotherapy was the only way that worked.
V. G. Essex

A bit shell shocked still after doing it for 15 yrs and then after 1 hypnosis session just stopping and finding it remarkably easy. Breathing is easier, especially activities like walking up stairs etc. Sense of smell & taste has improved and I am financially noticing a difference. The hypnosis was very relaxing and pleasant. I really didn’t think the actual process of giving up would be as painless or easy as it actually was.
R.C. Herts

I was a smoker for 24 yrs. You have changed my life after just one hour.
D.S. Cambs

Thank you so much, I now feel so good about myself and life is so much more enjoyable
R.M. Cambs

Brilliant! I would recommend it to anyone
J.C. Saffron Walden