What’s Next?

I often get calls from past clients saying: “Thanks so much for all your hard work Mark; I’m still sorted years on and won’t be going back to my old ways…but what’s next? I feel like I should be carrying on improving my life further. Where do I go? Where can I meet other people like me?

Here’s the answer: The Authentic Tribe

So What is The Authentic Tribe?

The Authentic Tribe is an online and offline community devoted to learning to: Live Life Well.

The Authentic Tribe is a community of Authentic Warriors and Authentic Goddesses who recognise that humanity’s future is now at stake and are no longer prepared to stick their head in the sand and remain on life’s treadmill; they are committed to learning how to improve their own lives and thereby the life of humanity as a whole. We’re all in this together!

Please click here to visit our new website and have a look around.