Authentic Tribe Activities

Tribal Handbook

Its purpose is to be a detailed introduction to the Tribe. It tells you what you can expect from the Tribe and what its objectives are. As a Tribal Observer you are entitled to receive Tribal Newsletters, Blogs and Videos. Access to Learning, the Forum and Gatherings is for Tribal Members only.

Tribal Initiation

Assuming you are inspired by what you read in the Tribal Handbook, then you have the option to go to the next level: to become a fully-fledged member of the Tribe. Once you commit to Membership two things happen:

  • Initiation: You will be required to make your own Tribal Promise which will be publicised on the Tribal Forum and will be a major part of your online Personal Tribal Membership Profile. The Authentic Tribe is not about sitting on the sidelines and watching the world go by. By make your personal Tribal Promises public, you are committing to making changes in your life and thereby helping others to change theirs.
  • Membership Pack: You will receive your Tribal Clothing: a T Shirt, a Charity Band and a Club Badge. This will allow you to identify yourself as an Authentic Warrior or Authentic Goddess and as a Member of the Tribe. It will help you to spread the word and help grow the Tribe. A nominal charge will be made for this.

Newsletters, Blogs, 2 Minute Videos

Every week The Authentic Tribe send out tips and comments on how to improve specific areas of our lives. These informal mechanisms will also be available to non-Members (Tribal Observers) to spread the word as far as wide as possible and to provide every opportunity to grow the Tribe.

Online Resources

This section of the website will provide links to useful resources such as complimentary health associations, therapists, relevant educational facilities and relevant training companies.

Book Reviews

Each month book reviews will be posted online to help members find their own way through the maze of self help and self development books. Reading such books will be an invaluable part of each Member’s learning process.

Tribal Forum

The online Tribal Forum will be the backbone of the Tribe as the primary means of communication between Members. It will facilitate bonding and allow Members to organise and advertise their own local Tribal Gatherings.

Tribal Summits

These will be formally organised events allowing Tribal Members to meet up; some will be learning events and some social events. As Community (social) events they may be at relevant external exhibitions, conferences and festivals. They may also be expeditions such as Members getting together to climb the Three Peaks or cycle the Coast to Coast Bike Ride. As Learning events, they will be workshops covering such essential topics as Stress and Anxiety, Relationships, How to handle Life’s Transitions (divorce, redundancy, mid-life crises etc).

Tribal Retreats

Whilst the focus will be on learning how to gain self awareness and live better lives, the retreats will be an excellent opportunity to get to know other Tribal Members at a deeper level. It is well known that better learning takes place in an informal environment far removed from the normal day to day and learning environments. The Retreats will be held in unusual and relaxing environments often abroad in warmer climes!

Tribal Gatherings

These will be informal and local events organised by individual Members; they may be as simple as meeting regularly in coffee houses or walks on the beach!

Life Fest

This is the big one! Life Fest will be the Authentic Tribe’s own annual music and learning festival. As well as bands of all types, the festival will attract well-known self development leaders who will pass on their wisdom from the stage.

Authentic Warrior and Authentic Goddess Coaching Programme

The other big one! This will be the pinnacle of a Member’s growth and its completion will allow the Member to be welcomed into the Council of Tribal Elders. The Programme is so much more than a series of workshops and will enable Members to change their lives on 3 levels:

  • Liberate Your Life: this will be about real Self Awareness and Self Esteem. Only with these in place, can we be truly Authentic and happy
  • Living Life Off-piste: this part of the Programme will help the Individual make real changes in the way they live their lives. It will be about getting them off the treadmill and discovering what they really want from life and how to get it
  • Authentic Warrior and Authentic Goddess (AWAG): AWAG is a way of being, as well as a way of living. It means not only wisdom but real deep-seated contentment in a way that the individual requires it. Some Tribal Elders may then wish to teach others the Way of the Tribe; others may wish to simply be wonderful role models for the next evolutionary step for mankind.

Does the Programme have all the answers? No! Simply because the individual Member needs to find their own answers…their own truth.

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