The Authentic Warrior

Why Authentic Warrior?

The Old Warrior was defined by power through aggression and violence. His success was measured solely by financial gain and material possessions. The essence of the Old Warrior was selfish and isolating.

The Authentic Warrior is more in the mould of the Native Indian Warrior: a man defined by wisdom, gentle leadership and a deep sense of community, who would only resort to aggression when kith and kin were threatened.


The Authentic Warrior thinks of himself as a source of strength for those around him; he is a rock on which others can depend. He takes this duty of care seriously and fulfils it in his own way. He is his own man, is proud of who he is and feels no need to conform to the way others want him to be.


The Authentic Warrior is defined by his values:

  • Respect for self and others
  • Compassion, Courage and Empathy
  • Emotional Strength and Congruency
  • Responsibility and Purpose
  • Integrity and Loyalty
  • Reliability, Drive and Determination


The Authentic Warrior uses his masculinity for good, in the service of others. He protects those close to him in all areas of his life and at all times. He walks his talk at all times. He is modest and leads by example.


The Authentic Warrior is self aware; he is aware of his strengths and uses them to the full. He is aware of his weaknesses and is open about them; he sees an opportunity in building a relationship with those who have complementary strengths, rather than a threat.


The Authentic Warrior creates around him an environment of safety, openness and honesty at home and at work, which recognises the strengths and the needs of others.

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