The Authentic Goddess

Why Authentic Goddess?

The Old Goddess fell into one of two categories: the soft and rather soppy woman in long floating skirts whose sole interests were raising children and baking cakes; or the power dressing City Broker or Lawyer who has more balls than her male counterparts!

The Authentic Goddess is a woman who embraces her femininity, is comfortable with her intuition and finds real pleasure in relating to people. She is comfortable in her own body and takes time to pamper herself. She is a natural born leader through her awareness of how people interact and relate.


The Authentic Goddess knows she can’t have it all, despite what feminism has told her. By being self aware and loving who she is, she finds it easy to focus on what she wants out of life and is true to herself, whilst leading and looking after others.


The Authentic Goddess is defined by her Values:

  • Love and compassion
  • Truth
  • Nurturance
  • Inner and outer beauty
  • Wisdom of Experience
  • Care for self and others


The Authentic Goddess is driven by intuition; she makes decisions based on what feels right; people matter more to her than systems and technology. She is modest and leads by example.


The Authentic Goddess is quickly able to assess people and situations and knows instinctively what to do. She will nurture herself as well as those that she loves.


The Authentic Goddess is happiest in pleasant surroundings whether at home, at work or in nature and will dedicate herself to creating this environment where it matters for herself and for those that she loves.

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