What Makes Mark Unique?

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You will see on the “What is Neural Recoding?” page that Mark uses a unique blend of therapies in his astonishingly effective technique.

Many of our clients have had a negative past experience with hypnotherapy. It is important to bear in mind that hypnotherapy is only one aspect of Mark’s method and he uses it to cement his Neural Recoding process.

Also, in contrast to many hypnotherapists out there, Mark takes the time to explain thoroughly and in layman’s terms the process of hypnosis. He does this by showing and explaining to you his “Mind Matrix”. This significantly increases it’s effectiveness because the client has an awareness which allows them actively to participate and trust in the hypnotherapy.

Also in contrast to some other hypnotherapists, Mark does not use hypnotherapy until your second session with him. This way he can tailor your hypnotherapy session specifically to YOU based on the assessment in your first session. He can use the unique language of YOUR unconcious mind and his knowledge of how your brain works in order to ensure that the hypnotherapy is as powerful and effective as it can be for YOU.

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