Mark’s Philosophy and Vision

Mark Feb 2010 1

Who am I?

I’m often asked what makes me good at what I do. The quick answer is I’m good with people; I build natural rapport with almost everybody instantly. I respect everybody I meet; I’m completely non-judgemental. People trust me; they feel safe. I care!

The slightly longer answer is that I’m credible: I communicate extremely well and am confident without being arrogant. I successfully communicate to people that they CAN take control of their Health and their Destiny…hence my Vision (see below).

With Belief, people can make instant changes in their lives. When their Mind is empowered, they can make physical changes too. Take away the bad emotions, habits and behavioural programmes that most of us are running and the body will heal itself of almost anything. Mind over Matter!

I also believe in the power of the human spirit; I believe that we are powerful beyond measure…we just don’t know it. Despite the mess that humanity is in currently with wars, terrorism, global warming, pollution, cancer, heart disease, obesity etc. etc, I believe that with the right Beliefs we can mend society and heal the world.

No I’m not barking mad! Incredible discoveries are being made in science (Psychoneuroimunology, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics) that point directly towards this. Our knowledge in these areas will grow exponentially in the next 20 years. Interestingly, the “Wellness” market is already growing at twice the speed of the internet; the consumer is ready! If we’re going to heal the world, we need to heal ourselves first and people are doing it without drugs, every single day.

My Philosophy

It’s all a question of belief! Belief+ Expectation = Change. If people believe that they are going to make a change…they do! This would seem to apply to both mental changes and physical changes (as witnessed by so-called spontaneous remissions).

I believe that with information, inspiration, drive, Passion and Belief, people can make huge changes almost instantly; I’ve seen many clients who have “lost” their depression after 2 x 2 hour sessions. Very importantly, people also need help preparing consciously for this change…they need to know the lifestyle changes they need to make after the sessions to make the change permanent.

Belief + Expectation = Change has huge implications for Complementary Health. Richard Dawkins recently concluded in a BBC TV Programme that Complementary Health is simply a Placebo Effect. I disagree with him, but let’s say he’s right…then surely the most important question science has to answer is: What is that happens biochemically in the human system through the Placebo Effect that enables people to make such huge changes? It’s all about Belief!

What do I want?

My Mission is to be a catalyst for enlightenment and change in the world, by leading and inspiring people to a purer, happier, more respectful, more fulfilling life.