Mark’s Corporate Work


Mark had a very successful 20 year career in business before training in Behavioural Therapy. He initially worked for large multi-national corporates in International Marketing, producing multi-lingual TV and Magazine advertising Campaigns. He then moved into Training and set up his own Training Company.

With the 10 years of Behavioural Therapy and Psychology, Mark has a unique background and knowledge to bring to business training and coaching. The in-depth knowledge of how people’s mind works and how they behave is incredibly useful when applied to most business challenges, because the people in the business are what matter!

Some of Mark’s work with Business Clients, he carries out on his own, under the Winning Minds banner; other work, he carries out with two very close business colleagues with different, but complimentary experience under the Mind R-evolution banner. ┬áSome of the links below, will therefore take you onto our sister company website.

Business Seminars and Workshops

Executive Coaching