Business Seminars

Winning Minds have an unusual combination of experience and skills that make their business workshops literally transformational. Mark spent over 20 years in commerce working for both large multinationals and small companies. He also had his own training company for several years before moving into Behavioural Therapy. Mark is therefore familiar with relationship and organisational issues within companies but has the significantly added benefit of training in NLP and Coaching which bring the Workshops alive and allow people to make real changes.

Some of the Seminars below are carried out by Mark on his own, under the Winning Minds banner, and where relevant, Mark works with two close colleagues with complimentary experience, under our sister company banner, Work Revolution.

The New Science of Leadership: Leadership is becoming an increasingly important topic in industry, but is normally taught by consultants with no real experience of the human mind and how it manages relationships. This seminar is different!
T.E.A.M.: Similarly, team building is all about people, so it’s invaluable to understand how we create and manage our emotions in relationships. Mark brings unique knowledge to this seminar.
Advanced Communication Skills: Business is based on communication with people: colleagues, bosses and subordinates; understanding the way we communicate is essential to good leadership and team work.
Wellbeing Rules: Not an area often looked at by companies, but absolutely crucial to a successful business, this seminar looks at how to maximise the mental and physical wellbeing of employees.

Soft Skills into Hard Cash: is a workshop for Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprises and focuses on getting the most from your team.

Stress Workshop: it goes without saying that stress, particularly in the current climate, has huge and very costly effects on business.

NLP for Business: is a unique 2 day workshop to fast track NLP skills specifically applied to business. Whilst not knowing exactly what NLP is, most business people know it is something they should really have in their skill set.

Mark introduces his approach to business workshops on the video below: