Soft Skills into Hard Cash


Does this sound familiar?

  • Working longer hours to keep up
  • Relationships at work increasingly difficult
  • Employees not doing what you asked
  • Not working to your full potential
  • Feeling under-confident
  • …or not motivated
  • Reacting rather than being pro-active
  • Often not concentrating properly
  • Brain Fog
  • Get grumpy too easily
  • Disengaged at home and at work

Ask any good Business Coach what stops businessmen or women fulfilling their potential and growing their businesses and you may be surprised by the answer. It’s not a lack of skills…it’s self-limiting beliefs and a lack of self confidence…that the person’s often not aware of until the Coaching gets under way. This results in poor communication, direction and motivation for employees.

Traditional business training focuses on skills: sales skills, marketing skills, IT skills; all of which have their place of course and are only maximised when undertaken as part of a wider Coaching process. But this sort of training does not tackle the real interferences. At last there’s some training that does and again it’s part of a wider Business Coaching process for maximum effect.

Soft Skills into Hard Cash is a one day workshop guaranteed to help you permanently increase your Mind’s efficiency by letting go of limiting beliefs and programming from childhood, increasing the clarity of your thinking and boosting your self esteem…and so transforming your Business.

The Workshop Format

The Soft Skills into Hard Cash workshop is focused on interaction and doing exercises that allow you to learn about yourself, and how to change the way you think in both the immediate and long-term. Finally, you will put together your own Personalised Action Plan so that you put all of your new-found knowledge into action, overseen by your Business Coach.

You will learn among other things:

  • What’s holding you back
  • How to break out of negative programming
  • 3 simple, vitally important lifestyle rules which will transform the way you think every day
  • How to really motivate yourself and your employees
  • 1 simple piece of learning that will show you why all other approaches to personal change are so hard

So why Winning Minds?

After a typically corporate career in multi-national companies, Mark Newey has run his own Behavioural Therapy Practice for the last 8 years, helping thousands of individuals through stress and anxiety issues (this has become his speciality) as well as other debilitating issues such as depression, bulimia, fears, phobias, and addictions. Have a look at the client videos on

Due to the incredible depth of knowledge gained by helping so many people literally walk out of his door and transform their lives, Mark has developed a unique personal transformation approach, combining Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy which for 90% of cases gives people the clarity, inner strength and motivation to go out and change their lives. He has now adapted this powerful technique for workshop delivery in a business context.

Here’s what some of our clients say:

“Helping people with personal growth is not an option for Mark; it’s part of who he is.” H.O. London.     The workshop has “has allowed me to understand what I need to do in order to progress with my life.  M.B. London.    It changed my outlook on l my life and I now live depression free. A.R (Biggleswade)    I haven’t felt so good or so revitalised in years. M.F (Walthamstow).    Fantastic!! Alive!! Brilliant!! Motivated & living life to the full. What a life changing experience.  GI Saffron Walden.   A truly remarkable experience.  A. (Royston)

Money Back Guarantee

We are so totally confident in the workshop that if you feel, by the lunchtime break, that you haven’t learned something that will allow you to change your life, then we will give you your money back…no questions asked.

You can register by e-mailing us at or ringing us on 0800 083 0143.