Can you really afford not to tackle stress in your company?

Guaranteed Learning

  • FACT: If an employee is stressed, performance drops by an average of 40%. Source: (HSE) Health and Safety Executive
  • FACT: A recent survey showed that 92% of employees were suffering from stress at work. Source: Skillsoft/Personnel Today
  • FACT: For every £100,000 of your monthly wage bill (say 50 employees at a gross salary of £2000 per month and lets say 70% of employees are stressed), you are wasting £40,000 x 70% = £28,000 a month
  • FACT: The average employee is absent 7 days per year at a cost of £517 and over 70% of absenteeism is down to stress. Source: CBI Confederation Of British Industry
  • FACT: If you have 50 employees, then absenteeism due to stress is costing you £18,095 per year.
  • FACT: That’s a total cost of £354,095 per year that doesn’t have to be there.

In Fact, it is one of the easiest cost reductions you can make.

But dealing with stress doesn’t just reduce costs, it makes for a happier, more cohesive and more efficient workforce: a more positive working environment, more teamwork, more motivation…more results.

Your company could be like this:

Healthy, vibrant employees with real work/life balance. Real teamwork and co-operation. Fast and effective meetings. Proper lunch breaks. More enjoyment and fun. People totally committed to their work and the future of the company. Accurate, productive work. Excellent employee relations, and leadership. Excellent customer and community relations.

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So what is your monthly nominal vs. actual wage bill? What could your company be saving by tackling stress?

The current economic climate dictates that stress is everywhere, especially at work. This leads to defensive and sometimes aggressive behaviour at work, because with this mindset everyone is out for themselves; any sense of teamwork can go out of the window. In addition, stress drastically reduces productivity levels and whilst people may be working longer hours to show their commitment or to get the work done, they are dramatically less efficient.

Do you notice any of the following in your company?

  • Increases in absenteeism.   People working longer hours.   Increases in arguments and confrontation.
  • Meetings taking longer because agreement is more difficult.   Lunch breaks at desk.
  • Less laughter and fun.   People going through the motions rather than enjoying their work
  • More mistakes being made.   Poorer customer service.

Winning Minds’s Liberate your Life in 1 Day workshops guarantee to show people how to totally transform their lives. What is more, they are covered by easily accessible government funding through the Train To Gain Initiative**, which means the costs can be reduced by 50%, 66.6% or 100% depending on which of the following options is chosen:

  • In-House up to 10 employees: a total cost of £1500 + VAT, £1000 of which can be reclaimed from the government. A net cost of £500 + VAT or £57.50 per person.
  • In-House 11-30 employees: a total cost of £2000 + VAT, £1000 of which can be reclaimed from the government. A net cost of £1000 + VAT or between £104.55 and £38.33 per person.
  • An external workshop for 1 director or senior manager: at cost of £500 + VAT, all of which can be reclaimed from the government. A totally free net cost!

** To qualify for the Leadership and Management section of Train To Gain is simple. The funding is aimed at the directors or strategically important managers of the company; so at least one of these must be present for Options 1 and 2 above. If your company has not made a claim before, is based in East Anglia and employs between 5 and 250 employees, then you qualify. Funding is easily organised: a government approved training broker will contact you by phone to detect your training needs. We can organise this for you and that’s all there is to it!

Click Here to find out more about Winning Minds’ Stress Workshops: Liberate Your Life in 1 Day…Guaranteed

If you have not learned something that will transform your business at the end of the morning session, then your total investment will be refunded “no questions asked”. Often it only needs one “nugget” to make a whole seminar or workshop worthwhile. We promise you multiple nuggets!